Apple Watch Service Pricing
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Apple Watch Service

Apple watches are no little investment, which is why knowing about apple watch service is important for us. Usually, any issue that occurs can be easily resolved by restarting the watch. If not that, then you can try unpairing your watch with your iPhone and try pairing it again. If the issue is still not resolved, then you should send it to an Apple Care Centre. Any shipping details you need, they will be provided to you. If it still seems complicated to you then you can ask your Apple service provider who is authorized. It is important to remember that you must always unpair your watch from your iPhone before sending it for service. In case you are the owner of a gold Apple watch, then you should either make an appointment at an Apple Store or contact Apple directly. 


Apple watch service pricing


If your watch is covered under Apple warranty or consumer law, you will have to pay no charge whatsoever. Otherwise, the charges will vary for each separate model. 

Understandably, the more expensive your edition is, the more your repair costs will be. An example of this is that if you have an Apple series five Aluminium watch, then it's going to cost you $299 and if you have Apple Watch Edition Ceramic, then the digits would go up to $800. 


How much time your watch will take to return varies also. This depends on the service that you require. Usually, it will take up to 15 business days. You can keep checking the status of your request once the Apple repair centre receives your watch.


Apple also offers limited warranty coverage. With this, Apple will cover any manufacturing defects you face within the warranty period. There's a different warranty period for each watch. If you go for the standard models, you receive a one year warranty while the Hermes edition and the ones that fall in that range have a two-year warranty. 


Apple's authorized service providers can help you a lot with repairs and other queries. You can contact them and they can help you with shipping and everything else!